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With Our state of art system covering the four corners of the Mauritanian territory, we guarantee the delivery to your door in the shortest time possible where ever you are in the country. This system is conforming to the universal norms for pharmaceutical products transportation, and all the staff involved are dynamic, trained enough to answer your questions and strive to meet your demands.


When it comes to promotion, for sure we are one of the best respected promoter and marketing companies in the market with strategic tie-ups with more than 800 authorized sellers, governmental and private hospitals, clinics, health centers, drug stores and pharmacies. We offer promotion, sales services and special marketing campaigns. We help with registration in the market.


Our crew of experts that include pharmacists, doctors, accredited pharmaceutical products marketing and sales agents from the knowledge and expertise gained during the years long experience in the field will design the details of the best program that suite your product, make it indispensable for the market and spare time and money for you.


Compliance is a key element of Leila Pharma culture and stems from our core values. Establishing and following responsible and compliant actions is essential to the success of our business. In addition to the social responsibility that we assume as a healthcare provider, adherence to these principles is also essential in building and maintaining a relationship of trust with our customers, business partners and employees.